Faeria Team League

8 teams will meet every week and play against each other in BO7 series.

On sundays at 5 PM CEST (might be changed)


Week 1

The Badger Guild 4-1 Team Frost

Zenith 4-2 Faeria Tale

MGtv 4-2 Eclipse

Addicted 4-3 Equilibrium

Week 2

The Badger Guild 3-4 MGtv

Frost 1-4 Faeria Tale

Addicted 4-1 Eclipse

Zenith 4-2 Equilibrium


Week 3

The Badger Guild 4-3 Eclipse

MGtv 1-4 Zenith

Addicted 0-F Frost

Faeria Tale 1-4 Equilibrium


Week 4

The Badger Guild 1-4 Equilibrium

Eclipse 2-4 Zenith

Addicted 2-4 Faeria Tale


Week 5

The Badger Guild 1-4 Faeria Tale

Zenith 4-2 Addicted

MGtv 4-1 Equilibrium

Week 6

Equilibrium 4-0 Eclipse

The Badger Guild 1-4 Addicted

MGtv 4-2 Faeria Tale

Week 7

Faeria Tale vs Eclipse

The Badger Guild 0-4 Zenith

MGtv 2-4 Addicted




At the end of the regular season, the top 4 teams will fight in the playoffs.


Full rules can be found here.



Thanks to Noaphiel for the awesome logo!